Todd Scheuring

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I’m a senior creative with over 10 years of design and interactive experience. In that time I've evolved, expanded and refined my skills to give me a broad foundation to approach a problem.

I enjoy everything about the creative process and its role in product development. My goal is to design experiences and create products that people will actually want to use. I'm not satisfied with handing off a design until I know that it works somehow. And even then, I want to learn how we can improve on it going forward.

I'm also passionate about growing. Whether it's learning a new program or developing my user research skills, I'm constantly reflecting on my own process and discovering new ways that I can improve both myself and my work.

What can I bring to the table?

Even though I like to think I'm quite versatile, I do have some core competencies that I can bring to the table and hit the ground running with:


I've got a strong background in design. From creating robust UIs for desktop, web and mobile apps, to creating visually-rich landing pages and marketing-related materials. I'm familiar with a lot of design patterns and platform conventions. For my tools, I'm very proficient with Adobe Creative Suite but never shy away from learning new programs.

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I'm familiar with a lot of prototyping methods and tools. Although I like to start simple with paper and pen, I've got a lot of skills that I use for prototyping. From being able to put together a quick html page with jquery, to creating a robust interactive Axure project. I even like using Flash for prototyping certain ideas.

Front-end development

I've been designing and coding websites for the past 10 years. I love being able to design a site and then coding it from the ground up in HTML, CSS and Jquery. I like to try and keep my code as dry and semantic as possible. I also like to keep up on new CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities and conventions.


Figuring out if you’re building the right product is one of the most important things a company can do. I've done research for every stage of the product development process. From user interviews, developing surveys, usability testing, gorilla testing, and my personal favorite, A/B testing. Not only is it about a thorough understanding of what you want to learn, but synthesizing the data into meaningful actions.

Product management

I've been involved in the design and UX side of a business for many years, but found myself wanting to contribute more. With a keen focus on users and business objectives, I find that product management is a very natural extension of UX design. I love thinking about product strategy and steering a product to build something that people will actually use and pay for!


I've been closely involved in the marketing process for many years. From creating ads, emails, presentations, and copyrighting to optimizing landing pages for conversions. As business and user goals overlap, I've seen how marketing can play a key role in a product's success.

Motion Graphics and Animation

One of my side passions is creating videos and animations. I've got a lot of experience with After Effects, Premier and Flash. I also have 3D experience using Maya and 3D Max. See example video projects here: