Country Mice is an indie band based in Brooklyn, NY. They approached me to create a new website for them to help them stay in better contact with fans and promote their music.

My role included:

Design & UX | Wireframing | Font-end development

Country Mice logo

I created a Wordpress site for them so they could easily add new show dates and news articles.

Managing their site from the road

Moxie app screenshot

A responsive website lets the band manage their content from the road.

As a touring band, they needed a site they could manage on their own while they were on the road. They needed to:

  • Keep their fans updated about upcoming news and shows
  • Give people a way to contact them for future gigs
  • Promote their latest albums

I created a responsive Wordpress website for them so they could easily update their own content from any computer or mobile device. I also created a series of tutorial videos and embedded them in the admin section so they always had a reference of steps to walk them through editing the site.

Listening to music

Country Mice logo

Custom media players let visitors listen to songs hosted on YouTube.

Another requirement they wanted was the ability to listen to their songs hosted on YouTube. I was able to embed a small player that would stream music without displaying the actual video.