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The CX innovatory was a developer network aimed at helping people build apps on top of CX's powerful cloud management platform. Members had access to CX's robust API and other resources.

I was asked to create a landing page for the network to help inspire people to sign up. I was excited about the opportunity to design something "outside of the box". My design goals were to:

  • Excite potential developers about joining the network
  • Inform visitors about the platform and process
  • Encourage people to sign up

My role included:

Design | Illustration | Font-end development

I created a fun and colorful landing page. I drew a series of illustrations that would connect sections and guide people onto the next block of content. To make things more dynamic, I used a parallax effect for the illustrations creating a sense of depth as the visitor scrolls down the page.

Country Mice logo

I created a series of illustrations to help connect page sections.

Country Mice logo

Illustrations scroll at different speeds creating a parallax effect as the visitor scrolls.